Sunday, August 16, 2009

Your Unit Topics

1. Respond to this blog entry by clicking on Comments below. Include in your reply at least one topic you are considering for the unit you will create during this course:
· Indicate your unit topic, class level, and subject area
· Explain your topic idea
· Include other ideas for topics

2. Review responses from other participants.


  1. Why do we need Shock Absorbers in a Bike?
    (Impulse - Momentum Connection; Class XI, Physics)

    The students explore the need of shock absorbers in a bike and try to find out the underlying principle.
    They interview some athletes and bike riders and observe the functioning

    They also try to find out the best design of Shock absorbers for riding comfort

    We pull our hands backwards while taking a catch while playing cricket

    The design of sports shoes and spikes

    Buffers are provided between two bogies of a train

    When we find that the brakes of our car failed, it is better to drive into a hay stack or mudwall or bush rather than to drive against a concrete wall or a tree

  2. I find your topic very interesting . I am sure you willbe able to interest your students to think about momentum connection and come out with their own observations.

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  4. How can we reduce the loss, damage &destruction of Earthquake. Class-IX
    Earthquake is a temporary inconvenience for a few nations & but for India like countries the loss is permanent. The main reason being ignorance & lack of preparation. The main objective of the project is to create an awareness amongst students & lcoal people.
    2. Review responses from other participants

  5. This has been an interesting course. We have learned many new and novel things. ButI feel that it could have conducted a little more leisurely.Anyway it has been really informative.

  6. Through the project Rain Water Harvesting, I wanted my students to understand the need to save rain water and take the responsibility to draw the attention of the authorities to impliment rain water harvesting plant in our school.

  7. MY TOPIC IS ON deals with the reasons of deforestation,its consequences,the future,preventive measures.The project aims at creating an awareness among peole about the alarming rate of deforestation and its aftereffects.Our survival will be at stake if we dont curb it from the grassroot level.This topic caters to the 6th class

  8. My topic is Story of rice.This project is given to fifth standard.The main contents in this topic include the journey of paddy to rice,how to prevent pests and insects,how to improve cultivation,problems facing in farming,modern techniques used etc

  9. I am doing a project on management of solid waste so that children learn the importance of nature care.